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MyBOX allows you to shop online knowing that your items are shipped securely, while delivered quickly and hassle-free.

Awesome Service

Our Service is backed by years of experience knowing how to please our customers and understanding their need for simplicity and prompt service.

  • Awesome Service

    Swift, Secure and Ease of Use is what makes us Awesome.

  • Hassle - Free

    Our Service can be used with one hand while holding a pizza slice with the other. Once you have our information saved, online purchases are a few clicks away from completion

  • Affordable Rates

    Our service is backed by competitive rates than separate us from the competition.

  • Eco Friendly Service

    Our company follow safety procedures to help protect the environment.

  • World-Wide Transactions

    We cater to your needs from any part of the Globe for purchases and other packages.

  • 24/7 Support

    we offer email support at any time of the day or night and will help resolve any quiries or issues in the fastest possible time.

How It Works

Awesome Suplicity backed by years of customer satisfaction.

Setting up an account is very easy and straigh-forward, as the steps are provided below.

Registration Steps

  • Contact us with your Full Name, Address and Contact information while also providing a valid email address

  • Our Team Registers your account and contact you within 24 - 48hrs

  • Your account details are emailed to you for use online when making purchases or for magazine subscriptions

  • Visit our Website and Enter your Tracking information to view the status of your packages.

Track Your Package

Know where you package is in real-time with our logistics and tracking tool below.

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